Annabel Faustin

Solo show

25 January – 8 March

‘Harmony’ is a unique first solo show of the French artists Annabel Faustin for Artistellar.The exhibition presents 10 paintings and works. Her body of work in the exhibition is all about the new fashion era we currently live in. In the past few years the fashion industry has transitioned from mass production and consumerism to more conscious and mindful consumption.


Works On Paper

1 December 2020 – 10 January, 2021

Works on Paper is a group exhibition presenting works on paper by five high caliber emerging artists. To commence the holiday season, the show brings a unique series of works on paper under £1000, created by some of our existing artists -Jasmine Mansbridge and Anya Charikov-Mickleburg, along with new talents – Sally Kindberg, Katy Papineau, and Jack Otis Evans.


TwentyTwenty Women

26 October – 23 November, 2020

TwentyTwenty Women Is a show of 6 women artists of the 2020 emerging art scene, inspired by the ‘9th street Women’(by Mary Gabriel) book of chronicles of women who dared to enter the male-dominated world of 20th-century abstract painting as artists, not as muses.


Indian Summer

10 September – 22 October 22, 2020

The definition of Indian summer describes an unexpectedly arid and warm period in autumn. Still, it is also the last time we feel the last bits of summer before the winter comes. Different seasons have been a thematical subject for artists throughout art history. All four seasons are, in fact, rich in content and the way they impact our lives, moods, and emotions. It means different things to different people.

5 reasons why Artistellar

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    We scout the best talents in the emerging art scene and introduce them to our collectors through carefully curated exhibitions.
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    We provide access to underrepresented artists, which we strongly believe in.
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    Potential Investment

    By purchasing the best of early-career artists, our collectors stand to make a potential financial gain.
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    Customer obsession

    We care about our collectors as much as about artists and aim to provide the best customer experience. We are here to help navigate your collecting experience.
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    Supporting the arts

    Annually, we give a percentage of our profit to a non-profit organization for supporting art students and emerging artists.

About Artistellar

Artistellar is an innovative online gallery platform that bridges the gap between the brick- mortar gallery concept and online art e-commerce. 

The idea was born when seeing lack of coherent and engaging online galleries. Artistellar offers a new way of experiencing and collecting art online through curated exhibitions.

With an eye for talent, we scout the high caliber emerging artists and work with them to build a strong relationship and enhance their careers. For our collectors, we take a hands-on approach to help them navigate art collecting or one-off purchases.

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