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Jeanine Brito



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Domestic Animals Charity Exhibition Group show

24 February 2022 – 24 March, 2022

Artistellar has teamed up with Invest in Her Art, the most compelling discovery platform for women artists, to curate a special charity exhibition on the theme of domestic animals, aka pets. Domestic animals have been a reoccurring theme throughout art history, and until this day, it remains a popular theme of many artists’ work. The cohabitation of people and dogs or cats is an emotional subject matter that we would like to reflect on. About 56 % of people internationally have at least one pet living with them. Though, there is still a solid number of shelters and animal violence. With the theme of love for living with animals and celebrating the special bond, we have selected 11 international artists whose work is inspired by this subject of matter. 20% of each sale will be donated to RSPCA – The Largest Animal Welfare in the UK that specializes in animal rescues & furthering the welfare cause for all animals.

5 reasons why Artistellar

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    We scout the best talents in the emerging art scene and introduce them to our collectors through carefully curated exhibitions.
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    We provide access to underrepresented artists, which we strongly believe in.
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    Potential Investment

    By purchasing the best of early-career artists, our collectors stand to make a potential financial gain.
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    Customer obsession

    We care about our collectors as much as about artists and aim to provide the best customer experience. We are here to help navigate your collecting experience.
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    Supporting the arts

    Annually, we give a percentage of our profit to a non-profit organization for supporting art students and emerging artists.

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