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Idylle Dekonstruktion-d15

Maximilian Siegenbruk

Charcoal/oil on canvas 30cm x 40 cm (unframed)

Idylle Dekonstruktion -d 15 rendered in black and white, shows a structure of a piece of a palm tree leaf, or another exotic foreign plant



Idyle Dekonstruktion -d 15 is part of the series titled ‘Idylle Deconstruction’ that is an ever growing work which can either be seen as one, or as a composition of an individual piece acting as separate artworks. This expanding work represents the consumption of nature by humans. The constant variability of the work addresses the spread of nature, which here, is spread through the artist. The constant dissolution and multiplicity of ‘Idylle Deconstruction’ results in an abstract, but also recognizable, plant-like structure. While the series exemplifies Max’s recent shift from his more figurative works to a style that identifies with nature and the way the Earth functions around him year round, also during the changing of seasons, Max remains interested in the human impact on the theme, as he does in his earlier works.

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