Wolffia Inc

Working under the moniker of Wolffia Inc, British abstract artist Emily Jackson has worked as a hair and makeup artist throughout her career thus far and is emerging now as an artist. Her background in makeup and hair styling provided an outlet to express her creative talent, especially through colour, which Wolffia Inc is now channelling into her art.

The artist’s works are bold, full of colourful expression and complementary shapes. Her designs begin digitally using Procreate software which she subsequently adds textures and patterns to – the subtle tactile nature of her works is focal point for Wolffia Inc. This tactile character of her works contemplates the artist’s love of textiles which developed through her extensive travels across the globe. Contrasting elements play an important role in her works, playing with the various textures, distressed/damaged areas and differing finishes.

The name ‘Wolffia Inc’ was devised in a slightly ‘tongue in cheek’ manner. It correlates with the idea of the Wolffia plant being the smallest species of flower on the planet, something the artist feels reflects an element of herself, and Inc plays on the word ink – the vision that something small can have a mighty visual presence was important to the artist. Typically working on a large scale, Wolffia Inc has created a smaller scale series exclusively for Artistellar.

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