Anna Xhaard

 “Since childhood, my dreams are so alive that sometimes I doubt that I’m dreaming. Colors, shapes, and the storys in my dreams leave me a powerfull memory of this strange journey. Dreams fascinate me, but their intensity give me the need to express and understand them. There are the open door to my  unconscious, the source of my ideas and inspiration. Like in a dream, my work as several levels of reading. My gesture is instinctif, the abstract line translates dream reminiscences.

My personal experience is essential because in this universe of shapes and subjects in which i travel, i explore themes that define me and make me question the world around.

These themes visit our female bodies, our status and our history. They cross society and its mores, our future, the link between living beings and nature, and more generally our link to the Earth. They move towards spirituality and the world beyond the visible. As in a vast breath, I travel between my interior vision and the outside universe,  giving my personal view of the word.”

Born in Paris, Anna Xhaard studied art history, academic drawing, painting and  graphic design at the Ecole Penninghen where she graduated in 2008. After a first internship at the “Agence be-pole“ during which she became familiar with graphic design and illustration, she continued her artistic formation at the ECV Paris and got her graphic art’s master degree in 2010. Since then, she splits her time between :


.Creation of art pieces, intended for exhibition or private events. 


.Managing various mediums such as textile, jewellery, art-objects, prints inspired by her creation.


.Illustration and graphic design providing artistic direction and visual branding, creating logos, typographies, graphic charters, calligraphies.


As a young visual artist she explored fine arts through different formats starting with drawing and painting pursuing with jewellery, and art objects, experiments on leather and fabric, working on volume, photography, video and scenography. Her art is inspired by her dreams, the invisible world and intuitions but also rooted in nature, music and the different cultures she interacted with through her travels.


Since 2012, she’s been exhibiting in various art galleries with fellow creators such as René Brink in 2019 at the “Passeurs de ruisseaux“ gallery but also in popular music venues such as the Trianon, and is currently working on her next exhibit at the gallery of the “Popup du label“ planned in 2021.


She works with musicians, music venues and cultural festivals started as early as 2009. She is working closely with musician Anna Chedid, “NACH“, creating her visual identity, artworks and merchandising. 


As an illustrator she appeared in various magazines such as Madame Figaro, Prima, Biba, Paulette and Vogue. She’s done some coloring books for Toulouse Lautrec’s historic castle and winery “Château Malromé“, luxury jewellery, brand “Le Gramme“ and cover works for “La maison du Carnet“. In 2019, she wrote and illustrated a graphic novel for the youth “Azora, le monde des rêves“. 


Through her collaboration with the Aera nova group she’s done art direction, web design, directing photo shoots and all over visual identity for the luxury beauty brand “Vigne Royale“ and perfumers “PINAUD“.  She also collaborated with “Diesel“, “Wool and the gang“, and jewellers “STATEMENT“ and “Le Gramme“.

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