Philip Ackermann

Phillipp Ackermann is a London based German self-taught artist who started his artistic journey through painting. In his most recent works he explores a new method of digital painting through a portable painting app. This method allows Ackermann to disengage from the studio and paint at any moment and at any place in which he feels inspired. While on one hand the app he uses may limit him in medium, it also opens up a world of 18 opportunities in which he can expand his works. Ackermann is able to transfer his impressions and inspirations onto a digital surface and create dream-like settings that combine nature with architectural and geometric elements. While finding inspiration from the simplistic compositions of Japanese ink paintings, he is able to balance figures and layers that maintain the aesthetic qualities of painting with the ease and option to arrange, duplicate and revise digitally, almost like a quick drawing in a painter’s sketchbook.

Exhibition History:

  • Exile Paintings, Baart Space, Frankfurt, GER
  • Nothing compares 2U, Das Gift, Berlin, GER
  • Panama Paintings, Neu West Berlin, Berlin, GER
  • Prinz, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, GER
  • Phil Collins in Gommern?, Warum Verlag, Berlin, GER
  • Salon der Gegenwart, Hamburg, GER
  • Der Grieche at Hessische Kunsthalle, Hessische Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, GER
  • GV at Skaftfell Center for Visual Art Iceland, Seydisfjördur, ICE
  • Pseudoparadigmatika, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, AT
  • Harte Türen, The Office, Frankfurt, GER
  • Works dont’ come easy, Black Door Istanbul, Istanbul, TUR
  • Der Wahrheit ins Auge fassen, Galerie Hafenrand, Hamburg, GER
  • 1 Jahrtausend später fröhlich, Hernhalser Hauptstaße 49, Vienna, AT 
  • Hi Jessica, Westwerk, Hamburg, GER

  •  Örschlöschor, Ausstellungsraum Citadellstraße, Düsseldorf, GER
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