Fei Alexeli


Alexeli’s collages present utopias under a surrealistic, pop cloak. Add to that some space imagery, tropical vibes and brutalism and you are right on spot. 


Her style and aesthetics were cultivated from an architectural background which she gained from Oxford Brookes University, University of East London, and a half-completed Master on Design at Willem de Kooning Academy of Rotterdam. 


Continually evolving since then, a big part of her work centres around space itself. Earth and human history are just a microcosm compared to the sublime universe. "Ideally, I would like everyone to get this feeling when they encounter my work, that in the end, not everything has the importance we give-and that’s really okay, we are only here for the short term”. 

Hailing from Greece (where she was born near Thessaloniki in 1987) a place of intense political, social and historical scene, Alexeli has been intrigued by the theme of escapism. Tropical elements such as palm trees, retro Americana combined with the universe, are a proper vehicle to escape reality. They combine surrealism but at the same time, a sense of nostalgia too. 


Alexeli's work has been exhibited all around the globe including, London, New York, Hamburg, Los Angeles etc.

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