Michelle Weddle

Most recently, Michelle’s work was selected for a feature in the inaugural issue of 'All She Makes,' Magazine, curated by @artgirlrising. 2020 highlights include a feature in Edition 17 of ArtMaze Magazine, in-person and online shows with Mirus Gallery and 40 West Gallery in Denver, 'I Like Your Work Podcast,' GIFC Worldwide, Art Gym Denver and a feature on the Create Magazine blog and social media. Michelli is currently represented by Dimmitt Contemporary Art in Houston, TX. She received a BFA in Studio Art in 2007 from the University of Texas, Austin.

Artist statement: 

My recent work is an expression of emotion and the movement and energy of the natural world, emphasizing a balance of colour and form while referencing digital art, landscape, abstract expressionism, and the bauhaus art movement. I begin each piece with a gestural under-painting in a thin wash, then construct a composition around the areas of the under-painting that I have chosen to leave exposed by smearing on thick, textural, blocked planes of color that draw attention to the paintings surface and physicality. The resulting effect of this layering technique is that the brushstrokes from the under-painting appear to be carved into the thick upper layers of paint, calling into question what layer came first and what constitutes foreground and background. In the larger work, the gestural brushstrokes of the under- painting are also placed in dialogue with atmospheric gradients and ‘erasure marks’ that appear digitally rendered. All of these elements combine in the finished work, setting up multiple tensions between the spontaneous and the intentional, the gestural and static, the flat and dimensional, and between digital references and nature or the artist’s hand.

Selected group exhibitions:

2021 ‘Abstracts,’ 40 West Arts, Colorado Mills, Lakewood, CO (Sept. 2020-Feb. 2021)

2020 Mirus Gallery: Locals Only, Juried Exhibition, Denver, CO

40 West Arts Gallery: Abstracts, Juried Exhibition, Denver, CO
ArtGym Denver, ‘Work from Home,’ Denver, CO
GIFC Worldwide, ‘Hot Paper x Charlie Roberts,’ Online Exhibit
I Like Your Work Podcast, ‘Congruence,’ Juried by Bridgette Mayer of Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2019 SaatchiArt.com: New This Week, Selected by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and VP SaatchiArt.com Joyful Abstracts, Selected by Aurora Garrison, Assistant Curator

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