Manuel Bisson

Manuel Bisson lives and work in Montreal. His artistic approach is distinguished mainly by two disciplines, namely painting and digital drawing. He completed his Bachelor of Visual and Media Art at UQAM in 2011, since then is work have been included in many group and solo exhibitions. He has participated in many Contemporary Art Fairs like PAPIER 14-15-16-19 and in the exhibitions of several auctions in artist run center : galerie CLARK, galerie B-312, centre CIRCA, L’Écart... In addition, his work have been exhibited in culture centers in Canada, Italy and in the UK. He also been published in the ArtMaze Magazine (UK).

Artist statement:

Manuel Bisson creates his images from a reflection on colour, blurring, vibration and the scale of multiple perception. His language from drawing and painting operates both through digital culture and in the artist's studio. The images he creates act as interfaces between the real and the improbable in a transpictural space border between video games, painting, drawing and fantasy.

For him, a drawing always remains a landscape. The airbrush rendering of certain forms found in his images, recall the culture of tag and street graffiti. The world of concrete, the monolithic forms of Bauhaus architecture or Brutalism have always informed his approach. But beyond this surface language, the environment, nature and the animal world remain at the heart of his concerns.

In his current work, Manuel Bisson uses different printing materials and methods to bias and foil his own knowledge of images. Oversized, reduced or transferred to new materials, Bisson endeavors to migrate his images to new realities of perception. He summons the public to enter a spatial alchemy bordering science fiction, the occult and a magical and poetic formalism.

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