Paul-Sebastian Japaz


Paul-Sebastian Japaz is a painter who currently resides in NY, NY. In 2017, he graduated with a BFA in Fine Art from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Paul uses space to explore the idea that it can influence behaviors in people. Positive Space is a resource, and in many cases a privilege afforded to those in power. The work considers Queer identity and places it in the context of everyday life through the power of space and environment to define a place of our own.

Artist Statement:

The work is approached  under the idea that “Spaces” can hold a distinct level of power and develop influence. Considering humanistic elements to drive narrative-based situations that center around  queer identity. These spaces hold their own autonomy and exist as ideas of the potential of space to define these identities. Treating environments as a theoretical material allows for a distance between the work and the viewer which inspires stillness and curiosity. The theoretical is also inaccessible to the viewer. That makes a unique power dynamic which ultimately held by a queer voice.

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