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Jeanine Brito

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Jeanine Brito



Meet the Artist

Yulia Lebedeva



A still and moving image artist, Yulia Lebedeva is driven by color and motion and captures the excitement of now. Lebedeva graduated from Central St. Martins Art Foundation 2008; University of Arts London London College of Communication in 2011 with a BA honours in Arts, Film and TV. In 2015, she completed a masters in Photography, Video, Sculpture at The Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia.

She has assisted German fine-art and fashion photographer Juergen Teller and American portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz. Lebedeva’s most recent exhibitions include: Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow/ Moscow House of Photography (2019), York, November, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, mind(e)scape (2017) and ASVOFF, fashion film festival, mind(e)scape (2017).

Artiste statement:

21st century human relationships and interactions are at the core of my artistic practice. My photography focuses on capturing people in their various habitats, driven by colour, capturing the excitement of now. My work is rhythmic, feminine and self evolving. It grows from an intimate setting of one’s personal commodities, memorable symbolical elements into the utopian dream-like yet calculated and steady ambience. It feels almost like music with its own rules of rhythm, repetition and imagination.

The photos usually convey the mental landscape that surrounds modern humanity. The required lifesaving cocoon of prosperity, light-heartedness and the ‘good life’ that people weave by documenting and carefully selecting events in their life, creating their own ‘comfort zone’.