Artistellar is an innovative online gallery platform that bridges the gap between the brick-mortar gallery concept and online art e-commerce. The idea was born when seeing lack of coherent and engaging online galleries. Artistellar offers a new way of experiencing and collecting art online through curated exhibitions.

With an eye for talent, we scout the high caliber emerging artists and work with them to build a strong relationship and enhance their careers. For our collectors, we take a hands-on approach to help them navigate art collecting or one-off purchases.

About the Founder

Artistellar was founded in 2020 by the art entrepreneur, curator, and writer Adele Smejkal. Before moving onto entrepreneurship, Adele has gained rich experience working in both the primary and secondary art markets. After finishing her MA and several internships, Adele worked for Pace gallery in London and then moved onto Sotheby’s London. During her years at Sotheby’s Adele dedicated her free time to entrepreneurial activities in the contemporary art scene: In 2016 she started her Instagram based blog @as_artjournal and publishing articles; in 2019 she co-founded The Artichoke, an organization hosting curated art events, and in 2020 she started a successful campaign ‘Saving Emerging Art’ in support of affected emerging artists, galleries and curators by the global pandemic of COVID-19.

She has also been a contributing writer for several magazines and art publications. At some point, Adele’s work with emerging artists overtook, and she decided to launch her own business focused on the emerging art scene and the rising world of online sales.

At Sotheby’s, Adele noticed the rising success of online auctions and the fast adaptation of the art market to digital development. She started to collect emerging artists online and saw that what the online market lacks is a coherent and engaging presentation of selling pieces; they were only third party market places, e-shops, and websites with 2D pictures. Adele saw a gap and decided to create an online gallery that would behave like a brick mortar gallery without the bricks.

The team and Advisory board:

Anna Nguyenova – media and marketing

Anna is an entrepreneur in media and targeted ads based between LA and London.

Maya Ben-Harosh – writer

Maya is an art historian and writer based between Tel Aviv and New York City.

Ines Martinez – editor and researcher

Ines is a contributing editor and project researcher based in London.

GeorgeGeorgiou – business advisor

George is a management consultant and chartered accountant.

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