'Nocturnal Gods'

20 July 2021 – 08 August 2021

‘Nocturnal Gods' is a solo exhibition of the Colombia-born artist Stefania Tejada. Five remarkable paintings show Stefania’s preoccupation with women and the feminine spirit. This body of work shows fragments of dreams reflecting on her personal longings and connections she makes with the earth and explorations of the self.

Rendered in realism resembling photographic images, Stefania creates a multi-dimensional natural scenery that sets the female figure in the centre. The protagonist, portrayed in beautiful outfits, with subtle notes of fashion brands, demonstrates the feminine physics’ elegance and style. Dark tones and animal features are a meditation on ourselves, our dark places, and truthfulness.

Through her art, Stefania Tajeda admires the power of modern women while also celebrating fashion and materials. Tejada’s artworks are often collaborative with fashion brands – including Nike, Adidas, and Cartier. Tejada calls her art an ‘Unequivocal wake-up call towards reconnecting with our origins.’ Her Columbian heritage reflects in the vibrant colours ingrained in her works as well as local botanical motifs creating complex multi-layered compositions. Yet, her works' signature central focal point is a female figure intensely gazing back at the viewer. Her blank expression hides as much as it reveals, opening a dialogue between genders, but also cultures, fashion, and possibilities.