Comes and goes I

Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh

Oil on linen 30cm x 40cm (unframed)

'Comes and Goes I’ - They come and go; similarly like memories of an event, but they are there for a reason: to guide you, teach you, to love you, to break you, to leave and find you.

Original piece of art

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Artwork description

‘Comes and Goes I’ is a representation of the artist’s own imagination as she merges memories from observation with personal life experiences. These emotions manifest themselves in layers of paint on canvas, a process that leads to a final result with some elements exposed and others that have vanished. Just as in nature, the life cycle constitutes a constant flow of change where the end of one thing is the beginning of another, the evolution of Charikov’s painting process does the same. And while the Earth tones of the vertical stripes in the background are layered with representations of life and growth, we are still left with the mystery of what else existed on the canvas that did not make it. Despite the floral abundance and the colors that give a sense of ease and comfort, the painting carries a more profound depth, an autobiographical element rooted in emotional loss.

Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh

Anya Charikov is an artist living and working in London. Charikov studied her practice at University of Hull, Central Saint Martin’s and earned her MA from the Royal College of Art. Her works have been exhibited and recognized for awards around the UK and Russia. Focusing on painting and drawing, Charikov’s works refer to the relation between mind and body and the affects of physical and psychological experiences on personal metamorphosis from within. In her most recent works, Charikov draws inspiration from 17th century Dutch still life paintings and the anatomical theaters of the European Renaissance. With a technique of layering paint on canvas without any preparatory sketches, the works include forms of imaginary botanical species and human figures or organs that require a more pious viewing in order to detect.

Exhibition History:

Solo shows

  • The Anatomy of Fading, Samara Fine Art Museum, Russia Cancelled due COVID-19
  • Anthophobia, Formogramma Contemporary Art Gallery, Russia
  • Being, Hundred Years Gallery, London
  • The Purple Gate, Russian Culture House in the UK, London
  • Eaters & Eaten, performance by Akleriah, collab with Anna Kompaniets, Rossotrudnichestvo in the UK, London

Selected Group Shows

  • #GardenWithinUs, the XAP collective art project during the COVID19 Lockdown
  • Central Russian Zen, documenting 20th Anniversary Shiryaevo
  • Biennale, Momentum Worldwide, 26.10-01.12, Berlin
  • May My Voice Now, 65 Years of Russian Culture at Pushkin House, cur. E. Zaytzeva, Pushkin House, 21.06-27.07, London

Awards & Prizes

  • Finalist The Khojaly Peace Prize for Art, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London
  • Finalist HIX ART AWARD, London
  • Award & Prize Collection Red & the Aitmatov's Academy, London
  • Award & Prize by Browne Smith Baker, The Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
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