TwentyTwenty Women

26 October – 23 November

TwentyTwenty Women Is a show of 6 women artists of the 2020 emerging art scene, inspired by the ‘9th street Women’(by Mary Gabriel) book of chronicles of women who dared to enter the male-dominated world of 20th-century abstract painting as artists, not as muses.

Sixty years later, women artists' positions in the art scene have shifted and evolved along with the entire art world. But here are female artists again facing new challenges and issues imposed by today’s global world. The women of TwentyTwenty are presenting today’s emerging female talents, their unique characters, and artistic approaches. Across various painterly techniques, these women artists deal with today's themes and issues, such as cultural and gender identity, ethnicity, power, and intimacy.

The poet Adrienne Rich wrote: For spiritual values and a creative tradition to continue unbroken, we need concrete artifacts, the work of hands, written words to read, images to look at, a dialogue with brave and imaginative women who came before us ‘. Let’s pave the way for future generations by highlighting the importance of today’s emerging women artists.