The New

26 April 2021 – 31 May, 2021

‘The Now’ is a group exhibition of four emerging artists: Brad Donovan, Fortune Hunter, Weronika Michalska, and Kyveli Zoi, who all tell their stories of ‘Now.’ Now is the present tense; it is the current moment. It can mean different things to different people as we are all individuals leading our respective lives. Or, it can, on the contrary, be a shared experience we are all going through like the current pandemic, for instance. The exhibition brings together both women and men artists from different parts of the world presenting their current version of ‘Now’; it is about four different and/or shared perspectives. It also brings four different artistic approaches, which either ultimately vary or contain similarities. All in all, The Now is showing us a window into the artists’ minds. Through their work, we might discover an issue that we currently associate with, or we haven’t considered it at all.