Indian Summer

10 September – 22 October 22

The definition of Indian summer describes an unexpectedly arid and warm period in autumn. Still, it is also the last time we feel the last bits of summer before the winter comes. Different seasons have been a thematical subject for artists throughout art history. All four seasons are, in fact, rich in content and the way they impact our lives, moods, and emotions. It means different things to different people.

The year 2020 has been particularly challenging and full of uncertainties, one of them being if we will be able to ‘have’ our usual summer, travel to favorite places, and enjoy the perks of this season. Indian Summer is a group exhibition of 7 emerging artists with unique talents presenting their works on the theme of summer. Two of which have made pieces exclusively for this exhibition, thus making them previously unseen works. Indian Summer is the debut show of Artistellar introducing emerging talents and kickstarting the autumn art season.

Whether it is early summer or late summer, this show represents the fleeting moments of a stormy summer sky, hot golden hours, or social encounters. This show is charged with emotions, memories, and feelings associated with the summer period. It is melancholic but hopeful. Before we jump into colder days and orange-colored leafs falling off the trees, let’s stop for a moment and think of the summer melancholy through the eyes of the following emerging artists: