C'est a'tou tour, de te laissez parler d'amour


Alexia McKindsey

Oil on canvas

76.2 x 101.6 x 5


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Artwork description

Alexia McKindsey's work reflects on how our homes affect collective identities and mythologies spanning the generations of a family. The progression of time is embodied in collaged fragments, which reflect on the legacy of past generations. The layers offer a cure for our curiosity, inviting us into peaceful scenes, which are all connected by the theme of food. Due to the nonlinear representations of memory, space, and experience, we can fully appreciate the strong familial narrative behind this work.

Alexia McKindsey


Alexia McKindsey is a Montreal-based artist born in 1996 whose work explores the potential of domestic life and its artifacts. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University (Montreal, QC) in 2020, her work has been exhibited in several exhibitions and resides in collections across Montreal and Canada. She participated in the Art Souterrain Festival (Montreal, QC) in 2017, ARTCH (Montreal, QC) in 2019 and presented her first solo exhibition And the Mourning Dove Keeps Cooing at AVE (Montreal, QC) in 2020. 

Artist statement:

Alexia McKindsey's practice derives from the spaces she's lived in; spaces rich in familial narrative, heritage, and history. She is interested in the way our homes reflect the collective identity and mythologies spanning the generations of a family. Pulling from the physical facades, archives, and relics found in these spaces, she maps out the physical progression of time and tradition that have passed through these dwellings. Incorporating painted collaged fragments and craft-based processes allows for the embodiment of the whole of the archives she's collected along the way and for reflection on the legacies of the generations that have come before her and that have helped form her identity. Contrasting and combining these elements allow for nonlinear and cyclical representations of memory, space, and experience spanning multiple eras and members of a family.

Selected solo & duo exhibitions:

2022 TBD (with Jose Guillermo Garcia Sierra), Fais moi l’art, Montreal, QC

2020 And The Mourning Dove Keeps Cooing, AVE - Arts Visuels Émergents, Montreal, QC 2019 Mémoires délusoires (with Saba Heravi), Centre Culturel Georges-Vanier, Montreal, Q 

Selected group exhibitions:

2021 Fall Exhibition, Institut National, Montreal, QC
Porthole, Somewhere Gallery, Montreal, QC
Marble Strikes Moon; A New Show of Paintings, Wallack Galleries, Ottawa, ON SCALE, The Six Hundred (T6), (Online exhibition)
Ma réalité magique, Jano Lapin Gallery, Montreal, QC
Strange Flowers, The Earth Issue, (Online exhibition)
Ribboned Rainbow, Jano Lapin Gallery, Montreal, QC

2020 FOOD NATURE, Rad Hourani Gallery, Montreal, QC
BFA Show 2020, Serving The People, (Online exhibition)
Inner Landscapes, Archive Contemporary, Montreal, QC
Fièvre Hivernale, Nuit Blanche, Atelier Galerie 2112, Montreal, QC

2019 Still Alive: Art and the Passing of Time, Hexad Gallery, Montreal, QC It’s Not Simply Black and White, Mouseprint Gallery, Montreal, QC Contre-sens, Atelier Galerie 2112, Montreal, QC 

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