Oil on canvas

70 x 80 cm 



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Artwork description

Arjen keeps his painting simple, yet its strange deconstruction gives it expressive tension. Balanced deformations of the things and beings we encounter in our daily lives catch our attention because they deviate from what we are used to seeing. While our minds try to make sense of the strange forms, we are continually fascinated. Arjen’s painting works with the intersection of the simple and the absurd. The result is an expressive and slightly humorous figure.



As a ten year old child, Arjen started copying paintings of the Old Masters. He studied the techniques of for instance Rembrandt, Jacob van Ruysdael, and was fascinated by the works of Picasso, Dali and Condo. He was also intrigued by the ethnographic art. 

As a gifted violin player he studied at the Conservatory of Utrecht. After his Master degree Arjen was asked to become professor at the same institute. Simultaneously Arjen kept painting and sketching while searching for his own unique style. At the start of the Covid pandemic it felt like the idea matured enough to transform them into paintings. Arjen lives in the countryside of The Netherlands with his wife and four children.


Artist statement: 

Arjen decided to go back to basics of the drawing and the possibilities of the line. How to be simple and expressive at the same time. Recognition in the images we create can evoke emotions, while constructions of forms occupy our mind. Balanced deformations of the things and beings in our daily lives, have a mysterious appearance and catches our attention, because it deviates from that what we are used to see. Our mind tries to clarify without result and we are continually fascinated. This is in his opinion the ultimate instrument of the artist. Arjen tries to work at the intersection of the simple and the absurd. This results in expressive and often humorous figures. The figures have a real appearance, but are of course artificial. Arjen is intrigued by the relation between facial expression, body language on one side and simple stylized, geometrical forms on the other side in which he tries to get a monumental effect.


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