Scene de deluge


Eve Saint Jean

Acrylics, oil on canvas

61 x 76.2 cm 


(Ships from Canada) 

Original piece of art

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Artwork description

Eve Saint Jean’s painting explores the complexity of human existence and communication. In her own words: ‘We are witnessing an era that is increasingly emotionally oriented, and which paradoxically has never been so much about anxiety, egocentricity, individualism, loneliness, hypersexualization, or over-consumption.’ Her work investigates the various verbal language which humans have invented to express and share their emotions. Her visual installations juxtapose figuration and abstraction to decode the dialogue between digital and material, thoughtful and spontaneous.

Eve Saint Jean

Originally from the Laurentides (Quebec, Canada), I live and work in Montreal (Québec, Canada). After completing a DEC in Visual Arts at Cégep Lionel-Groulx, I explored various university programs such as the Bachelor of Architecture at UdeM and the Bachelor of Environmental Design at UQÀM. I also completed a certificate in Art History at UdeM. Having acquired various knowledge within these varied disciplines, I chose to pursue my career as a self-taught visual artist by integrating these multiple artistic visions explored. 


Artist statement: 

As a multidisciplinary visual artist, I explore the echo created between abstraction and figuration, the digital and the material, the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional. To do so, I mix different artistic practices such as painting, drawing, 2D animation and sculpture. I pay particular attention to shadows and light, both rivals and complementary, but also to colours, rich in their symbolism and creators of emotions.

Fascinated by the complexity of the human being, my works represent the multiple disorders present in our current society which I analyse in the light of disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, sociology and theology. I translate the archaic moral ideals, that shape our society and our collective unconscious, into a more current, neutral and universal approach.

Identifying myself as queer, my creations tend to reach an ideal of neutrality. I often address the question of identity and gender complexity, finding inspiration from my own personal reflections and experiences. 



            Solo exhibitions: 

 2021, Amnésie Collective, Galerie AVE, Montreal (Qc), Canada

 2019-2020, Temporalité et Langages de création, Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montreal (Qc), Canada

2018, Cc:, The Letter Bet gallery, Montreal (Qc), Canada

 2017, Dissonances, Galerie AVE, Montreal (Qc), Canada

Group shows

2021, WE, Rad Hourani gallery, Montreal (Qc), Canada
2021, Anywhere but here, Slow Burn NY, The Canvas Bowery, New York, USA
2020, Nature / Technology : Part II, Slow Burn NY, The Canvas Bowery, New York, USA
2019, Abstractions, Archive Contemporary gallery, Montreal (Qc), Canada
2019, Le Phénomène de l’Instant Présent, Galerie Le Livart, Montreal (Qc), Canada
2019, Futur, Galerie Marc Gosselin (Nuit Blanche Montréal), Montreal (Qc), Canada

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