The Starman

Annabel Faustin

Acrylics on linen canvas 41 x 33 cm (Unframed)

(Ships from France)


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Artwork description

he artist has always loved the dramatic dimension of fashion; for instance designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, where the artist used to work. In The Starman the dramatic blue light from the moon makes this dreamy boy appear in total communion with the night and turns his veil into a beautiful jewel. It also represents the beauty of our planet when it goes to sleep.

Annabel Faustin

Annabel Faustin is a French artist born in the South of France, currently living and working in Paris. She studied Art direction in L'École Estienne and worked as a Designer for Beauty and Luxury brands for 5 years. In 2019 she started to fully focus on painting. Annabel’s inspiration for her work comes from the fashion industry. She is not only fascinated by design itself but also by the fashion ecosystem and functioning. She employs almost a surrealist approach to depicting characters wearing designer inspired items. Her figures as well as their surroundings appear dreamy and calm while being vividly coloured. 

The fashion industry has been undergoing a change towards more sustainable and mindful production, and that’s what the artist is pointing at. It’s all about harmony between humans and our planet Earth. 

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