Nocturnal Gods

Stefania Tejada


Oil on canvas

100 x 80 cm 


Original piece of art

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Artwork description

The moonlight reflects on the skin of five female figures surrounded by jungle plants, which gently disturbs the complex botanical darkness. The jungle scene is penetrated by hands holding objects which symbolize femininity. The main focal point is the central female figure who confronts the audience with direct piercing eye contact. The surrounding night narrows the colour palette to a minimal tonal range, which gives more purpose to the organic shapes of human bodies creating greater (visual) unity. For this body of work, Stefania Tejada has completely drawn towards her personal longing for the wild, The Mother. Her artworks are codes or pieces of dreams that reflect on her connection with the earth, the feminine spirit, and with beliefs of freedom. Tejada’s Columbian heritage reflects in the botanical motifs as well as the emphasis on strong cultural origins. She believes that the most profound and most truthful parts of ourselves are hidden in the darkest places, and it is essential to explore this place, to find the dark being and stare back at it. This is evoked, by the recurring focal point of the series, a female figure intensely gazing back at the viewer. As a result, the viewers lose the peaceful voyeuristic feeling of exploring the painting unwatched, as the central figure opens a dialogue about rawness and purity of the self.

Stefania Tejada

Stefania Tejada is a painter and textile artist born in a small town in Colombia. She has lived in Colombia, Mexico, the USA, Spain, and now she is based in Paris, France. Her studies include Fashion Design at LaSalle College in Colombia and Mexico and a series of courses and postgraduates in respect of photography, design, illustration, and communication. Through her art, she admires the power of modern women while also celebrating fashion and materials. Tejada’s artworks are often collaborative with fashion brands – including Nike, Adidas, and Cartier. Tejada calls her art an ‘Unequivocal wake-up call towards reconnecting with our origins’. Her Columbian heritage reflects in the vibrant colours ingrained in her works as well as local botanical motifs creating complex multi-layered compositions. Yet, her works' signature central focal point is a female figure intensely gazing back at the viewer. Her blank expression hides as much as it reveals, opening a dialogue between genders, but also cultures, fashion, and possibilities. Tejada’s intentions are clear – to demonstrate the power of women and the power of cultural origins. Tejada’s exhibitions include New York, Bogotá, London, and Paris.





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Solo Exhibitions

2021, Territorial Beings, Paris. In collaboration with Maison Kitsuné

Group Exhibitions

2020, Benefit auction in cooperation with Sotheby’s Vienna

2019, Benefit auction pro Amazonia at La Cometa Gallery, Bogotá

2019, Every Women Biennial at LaMama Galleria, New York

2018, Ello x Creative Debuts, London

2018, Through the Eyes of the Artist, Liechtenstein National Museum

2017, Posture Magazine x Ello at Superchief Gallery, New York

2016, Trazos: Ilustrando Moda at Breve Gallery, Mexico City



2018, Residency with Smiling Gecko, Cambodia

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