Get to know the artist: Wolffia Inc

Get to know the artist: Wolffia Inc


ARTISTELLAR: Define your art practise in three words:  

WOLFFIA INC: Instinctive, relaxed, freeing

ARTISTELLAR: Describe a real-lifesituation that inspired you:

WOLFFIA INC: Travelling through India. It strips you of every construct of your normal life and makes for an intense and moving experience. 

ARTISTELLAR: What do you like or dislike about your work?

WOLFFIA INC: I am very confident with colour, which I like. But I definitely feel I would like to bring more looseness into my work, over time. 

ARTISTELLAR: If you could meet one living/non-living artist for a drink who would it be?

WOLFFIA INC: Jean Michel Basquiat 



 Da Vinci or Picasso 


Book or Movie

WOLFFIA INC: Movie for time! 

Pizza or Pasta

WOLFFIA INC: Pasta every single day!