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Jeanine Brito



Mar 11 2022

Investing in Emerging Art

The world of art investing is, for most of society, a very uncertain ground. We imagine an art investor as an individual with billions of euros in their bank accounts and with yachts and private jets flying around the globe searching for yet another undiscovered Michelangelo or da Vinci. Yes, this is the prejudice wrongly surrounding the world of art investing. Contrary to popular belief, art investing does not have to be a hobby available to a few ultra-rich individuals. While the headlines are made by the Banksy’s for tens of millions of euros, there are contemporary artists worldwide whose pieces cost as little as several hundred euros. These art pieces, which form the basis of our future art spectrum, are the product of unlimited passion and excellent skill. 

Jeanine Brito ( photo credit Amy McNeil)

Locating fresh talent is easily done via refined internet searches – probably the most accessible form nowadays. There are also galleries, many online or hybrid galleries such as Artistellar. Such galleries offer platforms for emerging artists to showcase their potential and have the capacity to connect you to their work directly. In addition, these galleries have the knowledge to provide you with legitimate and professional art advice. Artistellar has showcased itself as a cutting-edge innovative gallery with an ability to advance its value even during the pandemic. Examples of artists which Artistellar has chosen to work with and who have developed their platforms despite the pandemic include Peter Cvik, Jeanine Brito, Kristy Chan, and Annabel Faustin. Furthermore, they are now starting their collaborations with other galleries or hosting their solo shows, which is reflected in their increasing retail prices. 

Peter Cvik ( courtesy of Peter Cvik)

Prospective investors need to focus on art that will appreciate over time. One might feel uncomfortable buying an art piece from a creator who is not internationally recognized, doubting the soundness of the investment. Although artworks from emerging artists are without the title of renewed masterpieces, they are as good as the fine works of art just have not proved themselves on the market yet. If purchasing from a prudent gallery, your investment should be safe. By investing in emerging contemporary artists, you are granted the pleasure of ‘discovering’ new artists before anyone else does. As such, you receive an inexpensive artwork and at the same time provide the artist with means and motivation to develop their talent further. Pieces by emerging artists have a vast potential to appreciate over time and provide significant financial returns. This generation of emerging artists reflects perfectly well the spirit and mood of our times. The highly diverse landscape of emerging art is in tune with our society, culture, and movements. Supporting emerging artists means being conscious of the contemporary world.

Annabel Faustin ( Courtesy of Annabel Faustin)

* cover image - Kristy M Chan ( courtesy of Kristy M Chan)