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Jun 8 2022

Art Money and the joy of creating sustainable creative economy

For those left wondering what Art Money means for the art world business, the answer seems rather clear: the innovative business model of this platform empowers individuals into art buying. Art Money represents a group of professionals who care passionately about art. It was founded in 2015 by Paul Becker, an entrepreneur of Australian origin. Its framework vividly demonstrates how the world of art and the world of fin-tech can co-exist and evolve to further levels.

Collector Nikita, photo credits:

This broadened perception is most evident in the purpose of Art Money, which is to empower people to positive cultural change through creating a win-win concept. The major advantage of the platform is its fast, easy and secure concept, which lets the customer choose between Art Money Credit and Art Money Verified Buyer models. The strategy of the former gives the client the ability to pay for his art with up to 10 installments over ten months period with no interest. In addition, the price of chosen artwork can range from £1,000 to £100,000. The latter model is more suitable for art buyers in the category of £10,000 upwards, where most art institutions, especially in the UK, require verification. Being verified means the buyer complies with UK anti-money laundering laws, but his private data and the transaction are protected to the highest security standards. 

June, Gallery director, photo credits:

As more individuals are becoming seriously culturally engaged, Art Money strives to support artists in an increasing number of locations all around the globe. Currently, this advanced form of art acquisition is available to consumers in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, with more countries to come. In other words, such a form of cooperation is available for over 1,500 galleries globally. Also, one of the partnering galleries is Artistellar! Hence, our art is available independently on loan via the trusted Art Money platform to interested parties globally. 

According to Nikika, an enthusiastic collector and a tech professional: “Art Money gives the opportunity to reach for artists at higher price points to every individual.” Thanks to this platform, collectors are now able to secure works they did not think possible before. With every new acquisition, Art Money acts as the buyer’s ultimate backer providing him with the security he requires. 

Of course, high price tags can serve as great watermarks, as demonstrated many times by extraordinary sales records in the auction rooms. Yet, there is something more important, which is the formation of positive cultural change—creating an art world that is sustainable, flourishing, and allows any passionate individual to reach for the pieces of art which they truly adore.

Francie Bishop Good, artist, photo credits: