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I Am Half Sick of

Jeanine Brito

The Parting Gift

Jeanine Brito





Ralf Kokke

Chalk paint and tempera on canvas

50 x 70 cm


The colorful, playful paintings by Ralf Kokke (NL, 1989) originate from a subconsciousness, a fantasy that is the closest to his dream world as possible. In capturing these often inexplicable images, Ralf creates a situation in which he can work that allows these images to be expressed uninhibitedly and unfiltered. By starting to paint straight after drinking his morning coffee without time to think, by preparing as little as possible, and by allowing things to happen, the images created are as close to himself as possible. The painted images that result from this, Ralf describes as descriptions of his immediate environment that aim to be as reliable as possible.

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