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I Am Half Sick of

Jeanine Brito

The Parting Gift

Jeanine Brito



Scaredy Cat


Olivié Keck

Acrylic on canvas

42.6 x 32.4 cm


Olivié Keck was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1989. She received her BFA from The Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town in 2011. Tertiary education includes completing a printmaking internship with Warren Editions Print Studio in 2015 and David Krut Studios in 2016. Keck still lives and works in Cape Town

The materiality and aesthetics of my work commemorates the theatre of human experience, whilst echoing my fascination with contemporary culture as explored through the lens of visual storytelling. With a narrative curiosity and a process driven approach, my work extracts meaning by combining a long history of artistic traditions with contemporary signifiers. There are a variety of different artistic mediums and methodologies present in my work. This modus operandi is indicative of the significant cultural hybridity and diversity that has evolved out of our globalized landscape. I believe that embracing and utilizing the interdisciplinary possibilities of innovative technologies and digital advancement allows artists to adapt and create meaningful contributions in a rapidly changing environment. I aspire to continue developing a variety of technical processes and mediums throughout my practice. Thus, building on my pre-existing knowledge of printmaking, textile, drawing, painting, book art, ceramics and digital technologies.

My interest in cross-cultural artistic collaboration is fundamental to the ethos of my creative process. I desire to embed myself in a cosmopolitan culture and allow for the cross-pollination of ideas and motifs. I am interested in depicting the future hybridity between people, places and processes.

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