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I Am Half Sick of

Jeanine Brito

The Parting Gift

Jeanine Brito



I Radiate Chaos, 2021

Valerie Savchits

Acrylic on canvas board

25.4 x 30.5 cm 

Valerie Savchits’ paintings confront a particular reality where humanity failed to fight its own apathy. Fiction became reality. A consistent colour scheme connects her artworks; cold hues of blue and purple and occasionally green. Chaotic lines crawl through the canvas creating dynamic compositions. Savchits further accentuates the chaos by adding handwritten texts as the final layer of her canvases. The texts allow us to orient ourselves within her abstract paintings better. Their colours drag us towards the canvases while the texts talk to us. Savchits also explores the concept of ugliness in her work. She challenges the stereotypical concepts of artistic aesthetics by creating a whole new reality for herself. Savchits’ works tease our instinctual responses and lure us in to try to understand artists’ reality.


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