Filip Svehla

Untitled, 2020

160 x 120 cm

Acrylics on canvas


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Artwork description

Svehla’s sweeping colour block canvas is filled with some pastel tones of salmon pink and light green with larger colour block sections of striking orange, split across two canvas’ making this a diptych. The paint is applied very smoothly with more strict straight lines that appear more polished in an almost digitised style. The artist employs a formalist approach in his works, as is evident here with influence from the American and European abstract movements. Svehla describes how he rarely understands his paintings “as final works, usually, they are still just comments on the way, touching the problem from different sides.” The artist focus on architecture can be seen here in the layers of blocks of colour mimicking the way a building is formed in layers. 

Filip Svehla

Filip Svehla is a Czech artist living and working in Prague, Czech Republic. He studied at The Academy of Arts in Prague. He also spent a year studying in Utrecht, Netherlands.

His work became fully defined after finishing his studies and leaving for Valencia, Spain. There he became captivated by the city’s architecture, various neighborhoods, facades, and imperfect structures. The artist applies layers of many colors onto the canvas creating geometrical and, to a certain extend, minimalist paintings. His practice is inspired by the Bauhaus school and the work of artists such as Joseph Albers, Imy Knoebel, or Peter Halley.

He further developed the complexity of colours by his travels to India, where he took inspiration from local music traditions, resulting in almost disharmonic paintings.

Svehla mostly works with oil on canvas, which varies in size and often consists of two pieces, making it a diptych.

Exhibition history:

Selected solo shows:

2020 Today and tomorrow it will be better (with David Minařík), Pragovka Gallery, Prague

2019 Armonico (with Jiří Dolinski), OFF / FORMÁT Gallery, Brno

2019 Šmucik Ordnung, Stolen Gallery, Prague

2018 370 days sunny (with Jan Heres), Jan Čejka Gallery, Prague

2017 Fortunately I had a special room (with Martina Nováková), Villa P651, Prague

2014 Silence Yours has become our silence, AVU Gallery, Prague

Selected group shows:

2021 Critics' Award for Young Painting, Gallery of Critics, Prague

2019 Painting III, Millennium Gallery, Prague

2019 Leinemann Kunstpreis - Negative Realism, Czech Center, Berlin

2017 Summeracademy Venice, Palazzo Zenobio, Venice

2017 New Wave, graduates of AVU 2017, Trade Fair Palace, National Gallery, Prague

2017 Landscape 2017, New Gallery, Prague

2014 I walked around an apple tree, Žižkov Freight Station, Prague

2014 Kunstpreis der Leinemann-Stiftung, Czech Center, Berlin

2013 Exhibition of the Lukov Symposium, Topič Club, Prague

2012 Figurama, Gallery of the Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague

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