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I Am Half Sick of

Jeanine Brito

The Parting Gift

Jeanine Brito



Layers of Land with Violet, 2020

Kristina Bukovcakova

Acrylics on canvas

80 x 100 cm 


(ships from Slovakia)

Surrounded by layers of matter and in the company of a little snake creature, alone violet looks out at the viewer with a grumpy expression. The imagined furrowed eyes and slight opening of the mouth of the flower appear to give this violet a withered and fed-up expression. In the foreground of the canvas, a little snake is curled up in a crevasse in the soil, decorated with an intricate and striking yellow and silver pattern. The snake appears unthreatening and tranquil, in contrast to the usual depiction of snakes in traditional iconography as creepy and threatening. Here this ecosystem is depicted in peaceful coexistence, and Bukovcakova is portraying the quiet harmony that these natural elements exist within and that which is so vulnerable to destruction at the hands of the human race.

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