Hiding from the News, 2021

Kyveli Zoi

35 x 45 cm

Oil on linen


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Artwork description

In this more minimal composition, Kyveli has depicted the eyebrows and hairline of a figure peeping over the top of a large blank newspaper that obscures the majority of the face. Elegant fingers grasp the edges of the quotidian with pink painted nails. There is a humorous irony in the title of the painting matched with the blank paper in the way the figure appears to be hiding from daily life using a newspaper, that although may seem dominating of bad news, is actually totally blank, leaving the viewer the impression of the feeling of pointlessness that many of us may feel from time to time when encountering the brutality of life through the often tragic news stories of the press. The newspaper takes on the largest part of the canvas, relating to a blanket covering over the figure, aiming to represent the notion of safety under a cover and search for a "cozier place."

Kyveli Zoi

Born in Athens and having returned to live and work there now, Kyveli Zoi is a multidisciplinary artist and painter. After attending the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris and Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, she completed her BFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York. With such a divergent background, her inspiration comes from this composition of Greece and the USA. She captures the struggles of those around her through a combination of depictions of traditional folklore and contemporary life. Addressing themes such as individuality, identity, humanity, and evolution, Kyveli is most interested in narratives that are revealed as she paints that lead her onto the next one. With ties to theatre and cinema within her artistic background, she likens the canvas to a stage where she can “unravel all the emotions and the idiosyncrasies that take place within my daily surroundings.”

Exhibition History:

2021: La Bohème, pop up exhibition at Shila Hotel Private Suite (Athens-Greece).

2020: Participation in 14th White Columns Online Exhibition “El que Busca Encuentra, y Sigue Encontrando”, curated by Danny Baez of Meca Art Fair. (White Columns Gallery, whitecolumns.org)

2020: Art Direction of Ciné Studio Program in Athens based studio in collaboration with director Giorgos Panousopoulos (60 Benaki street, Athens Greece)

2020: Paintings on Commission for OCEANA Restaurant by Livanos Inc NYC (120 W49th St, New York, NY)

2019: Set Design for My Greek Table TV Show hosted by Diane Kochilas (PBS Channel, USA)

2019: Art Direction of Ciné Studio Screening Program in Athens based studio in collaboration with directors: Antonis Kitsikis, Thomas Kunstler and Dimitri Lambridis (60 Benaki street, Athens Greece)

2018: Set Design for My Greek Table TV Show hosted by Diane Kochilas (PBS Channel,USA)

2018: Participation in the DNA Residency Program in Province Town, MA directed by Freight and Volume Gallery (NY) Director Nick Lawrence

2018: Portfolio Acceptance on White Columns Gallery Online Artist Registry (91 Horatio St, NY, New York – www.whitecolumns.org)

2018: Solo Exhibition "Scenes from the Theatre of Life", March 8-13th 2018, DECADENCE Art Space, 69 Voulgaroktonou st Athens, Greece.

2018: Set Design & Painting for Theatrical Play "To Megalo Krevati" ("The Big Bed") at the Experimental Stage -1, REX Theatre - National Theatre of Greece, ["Το Μεγάλο Κρεβάτι", Πειραματική Σκηνή -1  Θέατρο ΡΕΞ - Εθνικό Θέατρο Ελλάδας]  (Athens, Greece) 

2018: Assistant Set Designer for Theatrical Play: "Από Σταθμό σε Σταθμό" ("From Station to Station"), by Director Kyriaki Spanou at the Michalis Kakoyannis Foundation (MCF), (Athens, Greece)

2017: Art Director for Short Length Film TETTIX, by Director Antonis Kitsikis, (Athens, Greece)

2017: Visual Art Director for Feature Length Film In the Country that Nobody Knew How to Cry (Σ'αυτή τη Χώρα Kανείς δεν Ηξερε να Κλαίει) by director George Panousopoulos, (Ikaria Island and Athens, Greece) Release Date: September 2018

2017: Set Design & Painting for Theatrical Play "To Megalo Krevati" at Peiramatiki Skini -1, REX Theatre - National Theatre of Greece, ["Το Μεγάλο Κρεβάτι", Πειραματική Σκηνή -1  Θέατρο ΡΕΞ - Εθνικό Θέατρο Ελλάδας]  (Athens, Greece) 

2017: Art Direction of Performance "The Strongest- My Silence Has Ended", at KALEIDOSCOPE festival, organized by poet Davida Singer at the SVA Theatre NYC, March 24th 2017 (333 W 23rd st NY, New York). Collaboration with actress Eleni Michailidis.

2016: Ousia Restaurant Commission Painting: "Allegory of an Essence" (629 W 57th st, NY, New York) for Livanos Inc NYC

2016: Solo Exhibition Theatre of Passages, (Chora's Castle, Naxos Island, Greece)

2016: Open Studios SVA, Diploma Show (NYC, New York)

2016: Solo Exhibition HEBDOMEROS, (Monroe Warehouse LES, New York City, NY)

2015: Set Painting for OT Theatrical Group, (Athens, Greece)

2014-2015: Illustrator for Film Project Animation Test Tittles, with director George Panoussopoulos (Athens, Greece)

2014: Group Exhibition Two Artists, One Island, (Ikaria, Greece)

2014: Group Exhibition "Portage", Ecole National Des Beaux Arts Paris, (Paris,France)

2014: Exchange Student at Ecole National Des Beaux Arts Paris, (Paris,France)

2013: Group Exhibition "Colour Flow" (SVA, NY, New York)

2012: Salty Hippy Mini Ramp Painting in collaboration with Architect Zachos Varfis (Ikaria, Greece)

2012: Illustrator for RED Design Consultants (Athens, Greece)

2012: Central Saint Martin’s Foundation Diploma

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