Just Because Everything's Changing Doesn't Mean it's Never Been This Way Before

Victoria Cantons

2017, 180 x 135 x 4 cm, Oil on linen


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Artwork description

The context of human identity is what defends the work of Victoria. Being transgender, memories and their transition is the main source of inspiration for the artist’s work. It analyzes contemporary art trends and is imbued with the essence of great artists such as Pablo Picasso or Frida Kahlo.

"In Just Because Everything's Changing Doesn't Mean it's Never Been This Way Before", the artist delves into transformation as an inherent characteristic of inanimate subjects and objects themselves. Going on to question the why and the origin of the status quo of what surrounds us Here, as in the mirror-themed works, the colors become flatter reflecting the artist's own signature compared to the work "Some things you shouldn't get too good at or Where the sky and the big city meet (after Fragonard)" where the contrasts and volumes appear more marked, delimiting contours.

Victoria Cantons

Based in London, Victoria Cantons has a very experienced deep focus in several disciplines after several years studying art, drama, and fine art at the Slade School of Fine Art, UC, the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA South) or the Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL among others. Her work is mostly centred around the subject of human condition, gender and social identity.

Exhibition history:

Selected solo exhibitions


UPCOMING It's 2020 FFS: Champagne tastes on beer money, Guts Gallery, London


Give Me Your Hand So That I May Not Be Alone, 48 Woodstock Road, London

Selected group exhibitions


RA (Delayed) Summer Show, Royal Academy of Art, London (C)

A Rudimentary Education, Art Lacuna, London

LONDON GRADS NOW., Saatchi Gallery, London

Slade Graduate Fine Art Showcase, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London

Begin Again, Guts Gallery, online show via instagram (C)

Tomorrow: London (week 3 of 4), White Cube Gallery, London

Trans-Identity: Body, Soul and Time, NoSpace Organisation, online show via instagram and NoSpace WeChat Official

When Shit Hits the Fan, Guts Gallery, online show via instagram (C)


Little Originals exhibition, Dock Street Studios, Dundee

Annual Open Exhibition 2019, The South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts @ Exeter Castle, Devon

Graduate Interim Show, Slade School of Art (UCL), London

Beautiful China, Beautiful World: Golden Era of China-UK, China Pictorial & UK-China Photography Association @ Central Hall Westminster, London and Charing Cross Library, London

On the Mountain We Stay, supported by No Space in Zichuan district, Zibo city, Shandong province, China

AIR Open 2019, AIR Gallery, Manchester

RA Summer Show, Royal Academy of Art, London (C)

Change, Hundred Years Gallery, London

Micro, AIR Gallery, Manchester

TROPE, Serf, Leeds

LOVE, Slade School of Art (UCL), London

Pulling Teeth, ASC Gallery, London


Turps Studio Painters, Paul Stolper, London (C)

Set 24, The Art Academy, London

CHAIN, The Library of China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing (C)

24th edition of Artist of the Day: Day Nine, Flowers Cork Street Gallery, London

Beijing Summer Exhibition 18, NL Gallery, Beijing

Picnic, Subsidiary Projects, London


Bring me my cloak, LVP House, London

Glutted: 7 Artists 24 Hours, 392 Grove Green Road, London

Wimbledon College Undergraduate Summer Show, UAL, London (C)

Landscapes of the Mind & Earth, Conference Centre Gallery, St Pancras Hospital, London

Currents of Identity, The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London

To Be Continued…, Gallery of the College of Arts, Huabei University of Science & Technology Tangshan, China (C)

109 Nails, Copeland Park, London

8th edition of Loudest Whispers, Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital, London

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